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tv   RT News  PBS  January 26, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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it is. the this headlines and the novel the week's top stories right now we're looking at live pictures coming out of kyiv where no peace on this street at the moment and the opposition mine offered to hand the government and intensifying drives across the country's west. syria's leaders and a rebel representatives hold dear first talks since the start of the civil war. carol but by diplomats as a major step forward. good thing this
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morning and yesterday and have to find the peace of mind. come to give up. as bullets fly over and we did a maternity unit in syria where mothers and daughters chosen light in the face of the destruction that surrounds them. and now the clashes across egypt and terror attacks in the capital markets third anniversary of the revolution that toppled long standing this year costing the bar. to be an interaction cabinet with what she got your national with me a marina junkie. very warm welcome to the program. at around sixteen hundred policemen besieged in a convention center in kiev have been allowed to leave the building and now there are conflicting reports and
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whether it was opposition from and the tiny cage go for the interior ministry the broker demands to the standoff. the siege began shortly after the years of the ukrainian opposition partially tearing down the president's proposals aimed at calling the unrest in the country. kerala reports. this old song says of the and we did speeches from literally just behind me here and independence with the remains date it from opposition leaders in which they said that they they weren't willing to accept the head. the authors that a teammate to them by a ukrainian president viktor yanukovich not to run free will to mothers often awoke the constitution was changed in the ukraine we go back to a parliamentary presidential republic will actually means is that the palm and the fbi and the emptiness woodhouse at home will tell us they would actually remove some of the power away from
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the president's sons basically that the train back to the constitution you tons in two thousand and four some of the results this was at was the author of the position of prime minister the fool. one of the scene yet. the opposition leader is this the aussie he kept saying to you. and that he's the leader of the and the group critical of the law and he's been off the position of prime minister the hon said that the house and decided yet you will be dead discussions over whether he will accept got old and often it's also understood that said vitali klitschko could well be coming in his head at the t shirts he accept the position now of the prophet's they would put on the table was in a calm the sea for everybody that has beamed if anybody has the details safe off during the two week lull in violence that we've seen here in the cradle of that there was a stipulation place to fall months without walls dates and prices we believe that government buildings that they hope to find all across ukraine. they say we
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hit the speeches that we've seen he said these violent scenes. saul had calmed down right now but at the house being this series the bed of incidents involving head and the police here recently but we have seen is on friday evening to replace offices were top not very far away from where i am right now at the risk to local canadian agreement between the opposition leaders and the police states rights isn't demonstrate this would leave the streets of the ukrainian capital kiev oh well that certainly isn't happening right now from what we've seen. and these pictures are just a glimpse of what kind of weaponry some other writers have been using police are saying they were seized from one of the radical tanks containing key of the group was allegedly involved in kidnappings several policemen claim they have been taken hostage and then released by protesters. took me to do was rip my head and found my arms and legs with mosque and tape and taped to my knees is well
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he looking. there were more than that. yes we were attacked by a group of masked where youngsters they surrounded us screaming cops terrorists' hands up. they take everything from us our wallets and cell phones everything. moments ago and it would have done nothing to them it was just coming out of a cafe after lunch and put them up around it. and to let ella the standoff between police and their riders intensifying a retired commander from those angeles sheriff department says police in the us. what have used different tactics what's another year or so on to show more restraint than i think you can expect in most places united states the leaders of all tall tales. for the rocks and bottles which regular clothes. would all be considered the worst mistakes
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you with the coupons that the lethal situation the united states. you can very quickly shot. with lethal force. on the wall maps. now they are the result of some type of lethal force police last month. the wine over a dozen regions across ukraine in rage moms have been deceiving local governments in eight of them so far rioters have occupied government buildings and a clear that they will not obey the authority of president jiang cottage. what started as he's recruiting rallies last november. now effectively said half the country at least likes a chance to see how the protest most people the streets of ukraine. by freezing temperatures are rising due to the footy . ever since the first walked in multiple pills were hurled at the police bbq on sunday officials in europe and the united states have started a fresh wave of accusations and that the actions of the opel which is against what they called
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peaceful protesters. yell out the window cleaners to get home. we expect from the ukrainian government venetian democratic freedom in particular that the treaty for peaceful demonstrations and to protect life and that the use of violence does not take place the people leading police on the ground for money the lines with explosives or tutorials and even taking them hostage can hardly be classified as peaceful. even pictures of riotous carry firearms are surfacing. it was skeptical that these riots and he'll be in the field even dealt with effectively in the near future they will continue for some time that a nation of instead of neo . then a m so that i owe representative of the so called rights act that little beach when school begins and in a neo and the right is from all sides east and west and also the political spectrum
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therefore i don't think that everyone until full of the pool all opposition leaders to the foot of the school is in motion and the use of these clothes that some of these deals of november violence and they will continue for sometime over the last two months to get away god has changed in form and meaning what started as a peaceful pro eu protest has turned into a display of violence on both sides. it has now grown in size to put almost double the country's regional administrations taken over spawning serious concerns the country could fall apart any sort. all four slits in the area. we ship it could happen within the next weeks of these mosman is quiet and it's quite possible the coast. the government would have enough forces ukraine will miss the people running into pots. oh we used to be indifferent to the opposition of philippine born with bill cowher trying to get a better deal with the president or to protest the storming a police base
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and we the people who are acting as their leaders suggested no longer want to listen to a new one and cared little about eighty degree truth. makes your chest and auntie for fourteen from kyiv ukraine. trying to keep spreading west from the capital geopolitical analyst and righteous as opposition leaders have long since lost control over what goes on in kiev or elsewhere but the tickets. it's quite clear that they don't have direct control of the proprietors would control thinking that these are purely from the relations perspective. it's obviously a chaotic situation has gotten out of control i doubt that anyone has a real handle on top of control situation their intention was never to win political concessions that was never to come to a political settlement there their true intentions have been quite apparent. all along and that is regime change to britain for regime change in ukraine in order to overthrow the government sees something quite similar to two thousand for the so called orange revolution and then hop on over the world
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all over the course that last twenty years or so and this is no different. east has remained resilient in the burning barricades and around the clock violence in kyiv pledging support for the legitimate government and the constitution instead of her spine policy or is there the team goes from home to the ukraine. he's at peace with the joy she has been signed and until now. finding pictures from tearful screwing people can into action. not in support of the anti government riots has been the most of us on the accounts even though he was there such things happening in ukraine the protests and keith horrible. we on track this creole ukrainians in the east to consult the country support for position gentle coffee to scurry all condiments for one team is to know that the state in st tuesday opposition parties' for use in hospitals students to de stabilize the country in years old and young people are like song begins to get information from the internet in this information is only
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one side of the usa in the west of pain for this information to put a lot of double sided with the green is a correspondent for the local priest to use paypal. he once more debt. it was on the government finds it he says he'll support it will ever know much or the message of the protesters regularly changes were their main idea and the beginning was to join the european union the next week and it was political change in the one of the president to go. now i think even the protesters cannot say why they demonstrate. like the demonstrations in kyiv most of the more than four million people who live in the country's most populous region. don't the ukraine's future nineteen us the car it is more thing for them this weekend. school that is the main reason why our own people. i want to share the european association for justice contain the key point
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is a waste of time on the streets. once the country's east. that keeps the economy in ninth and if ukraine was to join you know it's fake trees would be turned into scrap people care innovation and to fund future to the anti government protests. what they want is a quick end to the demonstration and a deal to join the russian customs union. thus they say will give it the stability and security at the kiev. it is frightening to unravel the crt. den its ukraine find a full time on the unrest in ukraine plus the latest updates and more expert analysis actually got caught. the three year international conference in the mountains. we've made on this. and i'm still content to never end but then i can
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tell you this is absolutely magical pm. i season on to say hits the slopes and the sochi olympic downhill course. to noon. really though so we did. see bush's security. your party years ago. seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte. the end. and. the us
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i eye. am . honored as a teen international ti is government and opposition were finally able to sit at the same table for talks in geneva on saturday. the main concern at the long awaited meeting was getting humanitarian aid to besieged areas on sunday the focus is on prisoner releases your biscuit off reports. this is one of the lead up to one another. the format simply impossible to imagine even in the beginning of the week just twenty four hours before the start of the conference
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the opposition could decide whether to go to switzerland or not and when he finally did a riot. i think that as it is the problem and said that i don't see the promo distribution without the support helps it go. it became clear ball size of a completely different understanding of the talks goals. the rebels restaurants on to step down. officials seem to be ready to talk about almost anything except the president's future. but at least outside players agreed this is strictly up to the syrians to be signed the scene yesterday and said at a time when he was possibly due to their country the title given to us is to encourage them. the stock repeating your country what's one more flowers left in direct talks were suppose to be in the opposition refused to sit down at the same table with the other side. we came here to talk and they are not ready finally when it seemed the new oc shoes were
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completely blocks the special envoy to see a lot better but he announced he did manage to get both sides to me. and so they finally did negotiating with him but still in the same rule and face to face prisoners and kidnappings humanitarian aid and local and cease fires with the first issues on the table with more pressing topics the weeding discussion despite all the emotions accusations and preconditions with her this week the stalks are the first real chance for a diplomatic solution in syria and that the new it three years of bloodshed the ongoing violence. it will be a bumpy road and there's a long way to go but the first steps in the right direction have definitely been made to go to school for rt geneva switzerland. allow the two sides meeting areas and armed clashes continued across the area but even in this chaos there's still hope for a chance to visit one of thirty units for the gruesome side of war have to take a backseat. even in these dangerously divided country one place the differences
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don't want a nice piece children's hospital. tiny run that evil the government needs to choose the room he'll be a nice long defunct is increasingly on. the nice and simple in this area including eye is held by the travelers because this isn't the only hospital of its kind in the country. when they visit auntie can be treated equally to him on the same. now all set and children are grown beyond the longtime country and hopped in the continent together again. three years of conflict night the main between the children were scant. according to the un more than one hundred thousand people have died. in fact the number is so high it officially stopped counting the yen and peyton groups on sky. sixteen students that people are moving in vain. d
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who's married to use the name given to j distasteful than than a minute off my niece this is a beacon of hope the scheme in so much for me my husband. it's a connection between nasrallah away from the chabad which is open to meetings and even means life itself. i hear the phrase baby. i was one of the hokkien old told ted was going to hit theaters to damascus has at the scene she says her phonics has nothing to do before. i'm trying to be made on the stand. after ethan have to find a piece that i've come to give up. will. it's a sign to ward it melts many think about. inmates of violence and devastation a basis to be worn in their thousands. new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns often end up in ten years. like the basics of vacation and security the truth that all around. a
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tuesday night. retail shop tea from damascus. they did both supporters and opponents of the traditional military backed government have been out of the streets this week many of the demonstrations and eating deadly clashes with security forces. at least forty nine people have been killed in street violence is thursday according to the health ministry. also this week terence tron kandahar to the nation. cairo the capital was battered by a series of bomb blasts that left six people dead and ignited more hatred of the country's islamist opposition the attacks happen is the agent was preparing to mark the third anniversary of the revolution. i read these journalists behind summary says. muslim brotherhood has to carry much of the blame ddt dark conspiracy theories that the door when the government first thing to do those moments. it's the appointments which is absolute nonsense. what does that mean time i did the opposite side which is
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tuesday and the victim who listened to was due to what the pastors are not used for themselves and for this as as costello as the reason is what we want to be stopped now what the government if you click and type this the stock is inciting violence. you know what to do those gaps between sectors of the community and people in the country forward towards the essays of civil strife. i went and gathered in miami this week for a conference on content currencies which they believe are the future of finance because after recent price hike. one good point the most famous merkel currency topped the one thousand dollar mark. but what is this coin a sickle well it's a currency but lie on why the dollar or euro its digital its producer of high elite complicated confusing process known as my knee that generates new units. mccoy is fully honest and can be easily transferred from one person to another over the internet without the use
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of a bank or any third party these period boring spoke to some fans of the virtual currency about its future i hear at least twenty fourteen are generic and that point on grand island to the first that they claim conference about a year ago and in a whiny your economic growth and decline to eighty eight units received a number of declines in circulation increased fourteen percent and a number of points transactions per day increased twenty five percent in just one here. i spoke with him it was scary. here's the cel of block c which is the world's big as a point a website. the coin has been growing at an astronomical rate citizen unbelievable migration of human talent and capital moving at that point last year at this time we had seventy thousand users o'clock she got info and just a week ago we got one point one million which is a major milestone for a company but especially for a fix when this business. x oh six total number of new people moving into the space is absolutely impressive. i expect more volatility but not possibly
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an upward trajectory. this'll be a good thing for everybody though more money moving into the space more attention to even greater adoption of decline. this worries me the industry about the decline is still in the very early before percent of the heights finds other financial institutions and venture capitalists all star in that state into the community to twenty fourteen is all going to be at coutts making the point more user friendly and having more start up companies to get more consumers and bogs in the community. now this book which i did just that yep it came which was the first day calling peanut processing company about the kind of growth exceeds all within the last year. so about this time last year we had maybe two thousand merchants on a platform except the corn. nellie over twenty one pounds so about ten times more in the course of the year. when you look at the price of the coin it's gone up when you look at the consumer adoption of the corn that's increased and so i think the trend is to continue more and more merchants are seeing the value. quentin bring to their business the regulation
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of the day to ride today claimed business it's like the story of our beaches and clear and predictable aren't a lot of businesses out of business ofegulatin tickling upper lids and to be ng the a lot govnmt for usg hds offachdespite this the reds everyone here seems to agree that the date when flood gates had been opened stay in miami beach floridato at kerry and boring parts just a tropical resort on the black sea coast provided no snow for winter and fix a questn have often heard in the run up to the games well now if you would see any snow in the seats out the lever up in the nearby mountains years twenty of the white stuff to provide spectacular scenery and perfect slopes in on the same when china been. i been. he enjoyed it a bit of extreme
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sports and hang onto your helmetbove the sta. at seemed so sad looking at the signing the petition for the sochi twenty fourteen winter games will be held to know what's up with the up staying all set in as i was up to sixteen. he disagrees to date. it's a different sea. designednd built b french expats. it's now in its own pace not seen on screen style patel's and seventy s and above one thousand feet up with the highest miss the mountains and the world the mountain. now provides an accessible in his stead
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professionals and all poignancy signs he has the say the least. as with the a's going to win two golds and difficult terrain is available. i was going to be left behind the high something pm. i did that right the way and i love the font the end. not snow the twenty eighth. but they still worried about the way then did the not for me to open my present from a spell have added a monster. she has been spent on i guess. and
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i'm still content to never end but then i can tell you this is absolutely magical how can the mountains of white silk in this and that it is absolutely beautiful. i bought myself a new spots the next time. i plan on coming out yet seen the mid eighties on an ongoing theme in much o the vaccine is going to be. i want. you'll always remember i'm going to sign up. some hot chocolate on the defense of the fund to fight too. on tuesday with us for more reports from where the athletes will be going for gold and we got plenty more to share with you for the olympic flame is lit at the main arena is on your team in the coming days that's a story of how one self proclaimed design and drawing the lines of his followers list. aye aye aye
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aye aye aye. room. another whistle blowers facing a lot of heat including a wave of death threats. what did she discover some syrup dark secret c i a plant or some other plot for a new war of luxury nosh expose something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches. the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college. even high school mary willing to blow the whistle on the fact that between the ten percent of the school's football and basketball players rated the fourth grade level and many others are some college level. she also claims that the students were allowed into the universe be based on screen process done by the university. i t implying that the open sea knew exactly who they were letting in to the university remember
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college football makes a lot of money. i always have a feeling that something like this was going on. i mean the corn usa today maybe college athletes claimed that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports apparel out. that's fifty to sixty hours a week. how can they possibly learn anything maybe a different source said that the schools often a reflection of economics. what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my thing. i am you are using one knew. at that point. this was the difference for the thirty correspondents across the north central and south
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america. i did well but i don't yet we traveled north and south to provide the most protective covers of the region. here in havana will open your eyes to the changes taking place in cuba. a place closed off to some fascinating to watch and everyone's talking about brazil with the correspondents across the country. part of its ills but its advantages as it moves towards the twenty sixteen and then takes out beyond. our coverage goes well beyond standard treatment of drugs and immigration issues. as we reported a nation just beginning to unleash her friends. like every week to the citizens of america and south. i think her city providing me the way the lucky one. just the salt lake the fog the advice of the rankin cup. quality and depth reporting from north
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and south beach diet advice from washington. cctv needs seek the death. chu you nm moving moving moving moving you might to st kitts was a great day. because breaking the old one. so much the eagles to play. the stock good news


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